Journey to Moon Mountain


Journey to Moon Mountain
Ink on paper, digitally colored


Mountains and clear night skies have been on my mind...even more than usual lately.

This piece is the start of a new series for 2018. It's a return to central compositions and circular, orbiting, compass rose-like forms. These kind of decorative, radiating circle designs keep popping up in my work year after year so I've decided to do a real series exploring them. I'm informally calling them mandalas, though that's a very loose guide for what I think this series will become.

I used cheap drawing paper, pencil, black ink, a compass, a protractor, and a ruler to draw this design. I scanned it, then colored and played with the background a bit in Adobe Illustrator to achieve the finished result.


This design is currently available in my Redbubble and Society6 shops in Ultra Violet (the Pantone color of the year). More colors are coming soon!

Sharon Wegner-Larsen